Step-by-Step Guides from Active Practice

When you buy or renew an Annual Maintenance Plan through us, you receive Step-by-Step conversion and update guides for Time Matters / Billing Matters at no charge. These guides provide in-depth advice and instructions that go well beyond the LexisNexis installation guides for new versions.

Our most recent Time Matters Upgrade Guide is available for you to purchase or to receive free if you buy or renew an AMP through us. This guide is updated with new information on our website. Click for more...

Our guides provide details and extensive advice on installing and setting up your new versions of Time Matters and Billing Matters. Our update guides inform you about improvements and important fixes in Service Packs that update your Time Matters and Billing Matters software.

For example, our Conversion to Version 15 guide gives specific information about hardware and system software appropriate for Version 15 of Time Matters and Billing Matters. Did you know that you do not need special server software or server hardware to run Time Matters in a small office? There are advantages to specialized server products, but they may not be necessary. Our guides provide details and extensive advice on hardware, software and conversion of your data and settings.

We also sell in-depth, illustrated step-by-step user guides to various features in Time Matters. Visit our Guides Page for descriptions of these guides.

If you have any questions, please call us at 800.575.0007 or Send us an email...