Service Releases and Fixes

Between new versions, LexisNexis releases Service Releases. They contain fixes for issues and add improvements to existing features. They may also add features or options that were not ready on the date the newest version was released.

Time Matters
Program Links
Time Matters Links

Another function of Service Releases is to add links to the newest versions of Adobe Acrobat, MS Word, smartphones and other third-party products.

Now it is especially important to be on the latest version of Time Matters. In the past it was the practice of LexisNexis to produce Service Releases for older, supported versions.Going forward, only the current version will get fixes, new features and links in Service Releases. New links and features will not be added for previous versions.

AMP Needed for Service Releases after Version 11 Release

Beginning with the release Version 11, you need to have an active Annual Maintenance Plan to receive Service Releases. Everyone will receive critical updates to supported versions. But if your AMP expires or if the expiration date of your AMP falls soon after the release of Version 11, it will be important to renew your AMP to ensure that you will receive Service Releases.

The policy on Service Releases is consistent with the policies for similar products from other companies. You need to be on a maintenance plan in order to receive the benefits of the maintenance and improvement to your product.

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