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Cloud Practice Management

Are you interested in legal Cloud Practice Management? Check out our highly detailed spreadsheet comparing leading Cloud Practice Management services.

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Time Matters Delegation System

Do you want to get more done? You can by delegating work to others. But here is the catch. You succeed only by effectively managing the work you delegate. To do so, you need a tracking system that works.

With our Time Matters Delegation System, you can quickly see the status of work you have assigned to others. You can see what has been returned to you for review. You literally keep tabs on more work than you could manage without a good system.

Download our detailed, step-by-step manual showing you how to use the Time Matters Delegation System:

The system requires that we customize your Time Matters ToDo List. Everyone in your office can then use it.

Time Matters Go Released

With Time Matters Go, you can enter time records on your smartphone or tablet.

Far too many billable hours and profits are lost when you don't track your time as you work. Time studies reveal that losing 20% to 30% of billable time is typical when you don't enter time records contemporaneously.

Time Matters Go is available to Time Matters customers with active Annual Maintenance Plans for $8.25 per month per user (annual subscription). You will save many times that amount in captured billable time!

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