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As an Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP) subscriber, you receive live telephone technical support from LexisNexis with no set limit. For LexisNexis Technical Support, call 800.387.9785 or 1.919.467.1221, available from 8 am to 8 pm ET Monday through Friday.

Some of the problems Technical Support can help you with are:

  • You cannot open Time Matters, Billing Matters or PCLaw. Your office is at a standstill.

  • You try to backup your database but it does not seem to work properly.

  • You receive an error message that you do not understand.

  • You follow the Help instructions to perform an task, but the result is not what you expect.

Think of Technical Support as an insurance policy. If your Time Matters, Billing Matters or PCLaw software stops working, you need to get it back in action fast. Time is money. With Technical Support you can call and receive prompt assistance.

If your site is down, meaning you cannot use your LexisNexis software at all, you receive priority. If your representative cannot solve your problem, he or she will involve the second level Technical Support to get you back to work.

LexisNexis has devoted a great deal of attention to technical support for Time Matters, Billing Matters and PCLaw. Staff and training have been increased significantly. Normally hold times are very short.

Courtesy Phone Call to Technical Support

If you do not have an active AMP, currently you are allowed one courtesy call to Technical Support. You can receive prompt assistance, but you will need to subscribe to an AMP in order to speak with Technical Support again.

Technical Assistance from CICs

Certified Independent Consultants can assist you with technical issues whether or not you have an AMP subscription. But if we encounter a problem that requires the specialized resources or tools of LexisNexis Technical Support, you need to have an AMP subscription for us to draw on them.

Working with a CIC has advantages. If you have worked with us in the past, we are familiar with your setup and often can provide a quick resolution of problems you may encounter. If you have a serious problem that requires the assistance of a LexisNexis engineer, we can get through promptly to the experts in North Carolina.

We can do more for you than a Technical Support representative by showing you how to use various features. We can describe alternative ways for you to save time and produce better results using your software. Technical Support is limited to fixing problems. CICs can fix problems and assist you in getting more out of your investment.

Subscribing to an Annual Maintenance Plan

If you need Technical Support but do not have an AMP in force, you will need to pay the current, undiscounted price for the subscription plus a reinstatement fee. That fee is approximately equal to the cost of keeping the AMP continuously in force. So you find yourself in the uncomfortable position of facing a troubling problem and needing to pay a lump sum to get support with an AMP.

We recommend that you keep your AMP in force both as insurance against unforeseen problems and as a source of new versions, Service Packs, online help and training.

If you want to upgrade in the future or if you ever need Technical Support, the best approach is to keep an AMP in force.

You may buy or renew an AMP by just giving us a call or sending us an e-mail:

Please call: 800.575.0007 or click here to send us an e-mail...