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To assist you in understanding your choices and new changes, these articles provide both short answers and detailed analysis of the Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP) for LexisNexis Time Matters, Billing Matters and PCLaw software.

Q and A (Ultra-short version)

  • What is in the AMP?
    It is an annual subscription that covers new version upgrades, Service Releases, live telephone support, and online help.

  • Why should I pay for an Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP)?
    It keeps your software current and it acts like an insurance policy.

  • I don't want support. Why buy this AMP?
    Technology is always changing. You need the AMP to get the latest updates to Time Matters / Billing Matters. You get new versions at no extra cost.current. Plus you get online training and help.

  • Why should I buy through Active Practice?
    If you buy through us, you receive our detailed, illustrated guides to new versions and Service Releases. Our guides go well beyond the standard instructions and information on preparing for and performing upgrades.

  • How do I buy or renew an AMP?
    Just call us and we will place your order with LexisNexis. Your AMP starts within a day and continues for 12 months counting from the first of next month.

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